Alt Dice
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Alt Dice:
The Alternative Dice Roller App!

Focus on having fun, not in learning how to use an app!.

With this friendly, lightweight, and customizable dice roller you can add multiple dice with beautiful colors, useful labels, and up to 99 sides!.

Alt Dice - Screenshots


  • Add multiple dice with any number of sides between 2 and 99
  • Define colors for each die
  • Define labels to assign a name or function of each die
  • Lock or unlock dice to prevent or allow them to roll
  • Roll one die at a time
  • Rolling multiple dice (with the "Roll" button or shaking your device)
  • Edit existing dice
  • Delete dice
  • Display added total when rolling multiple dice
  • Cool dice rolling sound effects and animation
  • Sound effects volume control
  • Control how hard your phone should be shaken to roll the dice
  • Vertical and Horizontal screen orientation support
  • Prevent the screen of your phone from falling asleep
  • Define a cool background color
  • And more settings to make Alt Dice work as you want!

And much more features to come!!

Alt Dice: the alternative dice roller app!

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